Dracaena fragrans is a slow growing shrub, mature specimens reaching 10m. Dracaena fragrans (L.) Ker Gawl. 27: t. 1081 1808 . Janet Craig can grow as high as 15 feet but its varieties grown indoors are much smaller. Also called the ‘Dracaena Cincta,’ the ‘Tricolor’ Madagascar dragon tree has narrow, ribbon-like leaves that have cream, green, and pinkish-red stripes. Mag. Growing in pots indoors, mass cane plants grow between 4 and 6 ft. (1.2 – 1.8 m) tall. Like most species of dracaena, the ‘Janet Craig Compacta’ is a slow-growing plant. Common names Dracena in Portuguese doftdracena in … Compact species of dracaena are ideal on tabletops, whereas larger dracaena plants are excellent floor plants. Light misting once a week may be needed if the air is too dry. Botanical Name: Dracaena reflexa. The latter, however, slows the plant’s growth rate and can make new leaves smaller than usual. Many varieties of dracaena have interesting leaves and growth habits. Temperature levels below 55 degrees Fahrenheit are considered harmful to this plant. The first option is simply by cutting off the top part of Dracaena. Misting should also be done if you notice that the leaves’ edges turn brown as a result of low humidity. Dracaena fragrans; Media in category "Dracaena fragrans" The following 107 files are in this category, out of 107 total. ‘Hawaiian Sunshine’ dracaena plants have upright growth and are perfect for adding a visual accent to a dull corner. Also a known office and house plant, Dracaena Dorado is recommended to be placed next to a window where it can get filtered sunlight. Dracaena arborea can reach 10-15 ft. (3 – 4.5 m) tall. This dragon tree species has a thin upright stem that branches into separate upward-growing stems. Also keep in mind that you should not allow your Dracaena to sit in water for a long period. If indoors, place your pot or container close to a window so the plant can get enough filtered sunlight. You can also grow varieties of dracaena outdoors as long as the temperature doesn’t drop below 55°F (13°F). This unusual color combination gives the ‘Tricolor’ dracaena an overall pink appearance. Many other varieties of Dracaena plant now exist, including Dracaena deremensis, Dracaena sanderiana, and Dracaena massangeana. Dracaena deremensis Warneckii 0zz.jpg 3,504 × 2,336; 3.16 … However, the classification was changed, and they are now known as dracaena plants. Another popular houseplant variety within the Dracaena genus is fragrans, which is also called cornstalk. It is perfect as floor plants but it can also be mass planted in garden beds. Dracaena plants supposedly get their name from the Greek word for female dragon. The ideal dracaena potting soil is a combination of one part peat moss, one part houseplant soil, and one part perlite. It prefers indirect sunlight as too much direct sun exposure may damage and bleach its leaves. To water your ornamental houseplants, thoroughly drench the soil until water pours out the bottom of the pot. There are several ways by which you can propagate any variety of Dracaena and each of these can be done even if you are not an expert. However, the bright green leaves and low light tolerance mean this dracaena can brighten up any room. The leaves are somewhat tough and stiff. This dracaena variety grows well in indirect light and is also a pretty shade-tolerant plant. Dracaena thrives in average room temperatures and doesn’t require high humidity. Types of dracaena are also called corn plants, cane plants, cornstalk dracaena, mass cane plants, dragon trees, and ribbon plants. Dorado is a low-maintenance plant that requires little to no fertilizer. Dracaena plants are dormant between fall and winter so avoid pruning during these seasons. Cold water is a no-no for Dracaena. It is called a corn plant because of the resemblance of the stem to a corn stalk. Deremensis can tolerate some shade but a constant exposure to poor light conditions will prevent the leaves from growing to their full potential. You can also use iron drench to prevent yellowish leaves. You’ll also find out how to care for these low-maintenance leafy houseplants. It gets its name from the bamboo-like stems that grow upright and straight. Growing in low light or bright light, the Dracaena fragrans produces glossy green foliage. The Song of India dracaena is a spectacular ornamental houseplant due to its yellow-cream and green foliage. According to a NASA study, Dracaena deremensis, Dracaena marginata, Dracaena ‘Warneckei,’ and Dracaena massangeana (mass cane or corn cane plant) help remove some toxins in the air. Make sure to read this article as well if you want to grow pineapple. Pages in category "Dracaena fragrans" This category contains only the following page. Many nurseries and other retail outlets still often use the older binomial name Dracaena deremensis. More Images. Dracaena fragrans, or corn plant. The genus, Dracaena, belongs to the Asparagaceae family that holds plants such as Hyacinths, Asparagus Ferns, Spider Plants, Sansevieria & Yuccas.The name derives from the Greek for a female dragon ' Drakaina', referring to the red sap and green foliage.The species' epithet, ' fragrans ', refers to the fragrant blooms that were first coined by John Bellenden Ker Gawler. Dracaena fragrans (Deremensis Group) 'Lemon Lime' (Dragon Plant) is an upright, evergreen shrub with a very thick stem topped by a rosette of long, sword-shaped leaves, 2 ft. long (60 cm). As with many dracaena varieties, the ‘Lemon Lime’ plant grows well in low light. However, keep in mind that constant exposure to very little light may result in stunted growth and lack of color variegation among the leaves. This is common if you are using potting soil that has perlite. In this article, we will discuss ways to care for some of the most popular species of Dracaena, as well as common questions when growing these plants. Prune this dracaena species to remove dead or dying foliage to improve the plant’s appearance. Required fields are marked *. These lovely African evergreens are effective in getting rid of harmful toxins in the air. The ‘Dorado’ dracaena is a shade-loving houseplant with broad, glossy green arching leaves. Let’s look in more detail at the common dracaena species that you can grow at home. The twisting dracaena leaves aren’t as long as many others of the Dracaena fragrans cultivars. Song of Jamaica is a multi-stemmed dracaena plant with lime-green and darker green variegation. Pineapple Plant Care: How to Grow a Pineapple. If you are using tap water, set it aside uncovered overnight to let the chemicals evaporate. The fascinating feature of ‘Florida Beauty’ dracaenas is their variegated foliage. (1762); Pleomele fragrans … The Dracaena fragrans ‘Massangeana’ forms rosettes of softly arching rich green leaves that are broadly striped and banded with light green and yellow down the centre. Dracaena has about 120 species of shrubs and trees, the same way there are many different varieties of Hibiscus. Aside from creating holes, pests can also lead to yellow leaves. This houseplant is recommended to be placed close to a window where it can get filtered sunlight. The soil should be dried out in between watering. ‘Warneckii’ is one of the most popular variegated dragon plant varieties. Its ideal temperature levels range from 60 degrees to 75 degrees Fahrenheit, and anything below 50 degrees could kill the plant. The ideal room temperature for Dorado is between 60 degrees and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. They may require slow-release or liquid fertilizer once every month during its growth stage. Excess water from the saucer must be discarded right away. Here is a brief care guide for growing plants from the Dracaena species: All types of dracaena plants grow well in bright, indirect light. Related plants. Older plants, however, may need to be fed once a week during their growth season. Description. The dracaena plant is also known as the Song of India and Pleomele. ‘Janet Craig’ Compacta dracaena cultivar is an ideal bedroom plant as it tolerates low light. Warm weather suits Marginata best especially when it gets direct sunlight. Other types that are often used as ornamental house plants include Reflexa, Janet Craig, Lemon lime, Cinnabari, Warneckii and Compacta, which is characterized by its tufty foliage and unique form. Arching lance-shaped leaves grow all the way up the stem. Afterward, place the cuttings in a container filled with water or plant it in soil. This houseplant has a chemical compound that can result in vomiting, loss of appetite, diarrhea, fatigue and depression among your four-legged furry pets. The ‘Janet Craig’ dracaena plant is a shrubby flowering plant with glossy dark-green leaves. Until 2017, these succulent-like plants were in the genus Sansevieria. The Dracaena family not only requires little maintenance but it is also easy to propagate. The most common culprit of leaves turning yellow among Dracaena plants is overwatering. Ulises is one of the many varieties of Dracaena fragrans. Make sure to place the cutting in a warm area. It thrives in lower light level situations: direct sun can burn the foliage, but if light levels are too low … Dracaena reflexa has an upright growth habit with glossy pointed leaves that are arranged spirally on the stems. Most of these dragon trees branch out with two or more branches. Marginata does not require much fertilizer. Fragrans thrives amid warm conditions, with temperature levels that range from 75 degrees to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Fragrans thrives in rich, organic soil. Compared to similar dracaena plants, ‘Lisa’ dracaena foliage grows upward with slight curling at the leaf tips. Cold climates or temperatures below 63 degrees Fahrenheit may sometimes cause this plant to lean or curve. The variegated leaves of ‘Lemon Surprise’ dracaena are slightly twisted. This plant is an evergreen shrub. The origin of the plant name comes from the ancient Greek word drakaina or female dragon, due to a red gum-like resin in the stems of dracaena that was likened to dragon blood. Dracaena fragrans (Dracaena deremensis) ‘Warneckii’ features stiff leaves that are striped in gray, green, or white. Dracaena deremensis, a NOID variety or hybrid of unknown parentage – this popular garden variety in our country, Malaysia, has solid dark green foliage. There are several popular cultivars of Warneckii, including ‘Lemon Lime’. Fragrans’ leaves may become damaged if exposed to temperatures below 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Accepted Name Plantae > Tracheophyta > Liliopsida > Asparagales > Asparagaceae > Dracaena > Dracaena fragrans (L.) Ker Gawl. is an accepted name This name is the accepted name of a species in the genus Dracaena (family Asparagaceae ). These older, yellow leaves are typically seen at the bottom part of the plant. Lucky bamboo is a type of dracaena plant with thick light green stems and lanceolate foliage. Shrubs and Perennials. Warneckii dracaena plant has dark green leaves with white strips. The scientific name for the corn plant is Dracaena fragrans, which is the true corn plant in its native and original form, with solid dark green leaves. Other varieties of Dracaena Fragrans are Massangeana, Lindenni and Victoriae. The unusual foliage color looks almost translucent green, making this dracaena species one of the most interesting cane plants. As the common name ‘Red-Edged’ suggests, these dracaena plants have green leaves with red edges. Dracaena marginata plants have green leaves with red edges. The long slender lance-shaped leaves grow straight to create a rounded, spiked crown. Toggle navigation. Regular misting, making a pebble tray and using a humidifier are just some of the simple tricks to solve this problem. Similar to the aforementioned varieties, Dracaena Dorado does well in low-light conditions with partial shade. The Best Bedroom Plants (With Pictures and Names), Peperomia Plants (Radiator Plants): Care, Types, Toxicity and More, Hoya Plant Care: How to Grow Hoya Varieties (Wax Plant), How to Care for an Anthurium (Flamingo Flower or Flamingo Lily), Types of Dracaena with Care Guide and Pictures, Red-Edged dracaena plant (Dracaena Marginata), Best Tall Houseplants for Homes and Offices. The most popular variety of Dracaena is the Massangena, which can easily be differentiated from the other cultivars as it has yellow-lime and light-green stripes that go down the center of each dark green leaf. A NASA Clean Air Study found that certain Dracaena species are capable of removing harmful contaminants and toxins from the air such as formaldehyde. The attractive plant doesn’t have as vibrant or colorful foliage as the Song of India. The stunning ‘Lemon Lime’ dracaena has brightly-colored yellow and green leaves with thin white stripes separating between them. The auspicious plant often has a distinctive curly top with a few leaves. Other common names dragon plant 'Lemon Lime' . Commercially sold Janet Craigs are usually sensitive to fluoride so the best supplement for them is liquid fertilizer. Dracaena is a popular no-fuss ornamental house plant that effortlessly adds depth and personality to a room. Dracaena deremensis Limelight kz1.jpg 2,920 × 4,480; 2.36 MB. While Dracaena is often grown indoors, it may also thrive outdoors under subtropical conditions. Synonyms Dracaena deremensis 'Warneckii' Dracaena fragrans 'Warneckei' Dracaena deremensis var. The dracaena is known for its broad shiny evergreen leaves, richly-colored foliage, and thick woody stems. This type features solid green leaves and stems that are either dark brown or green, with the latter resembling the texture of Lucky Bamboo. The most well-known species include Marginata or Red-edge Dracaena, Fragrans, Deremensis, Sanderiana, Draco and Massangeana. Dracaena Ulises. Dracaena fragrans is native to throughout tropical Africa. You can use a rooting hormone and apply it onto the new mark, though this step is optional. Dracaena fragrans (L.) Ker Gawl. A slow-growing shrub in frost-free tropical climates, the corn plant is typically grown as a houseplant. And yield attractive dracaena deremensis vs fragrans higher by a few degrees than room temperature for this species! ; Media in category `` dracaena fragrans is also called cornstalk popular indoor plant that requires little to no.! A shrubby flowering plant with lime-green and darker green and shiny leaves that are grey-green with,... Water your ornamental houseplants, these succulent-like plants were in the garden may produce small yellow at. Center, and Red-Margined dracaena popular cultivars of Warneckii, including ‘ Lemon Lime ’ measures half inch! With creamy-white blotches on the edges viper ’ s leaves is that they to! Desk or on a window so the plant can get filtered sunlight FRAY-granz Description has been the... Florida Beauty ’ dracaenas is their light electric lime-green leaves keep their color even if plant. Is widely used as indoor plant that effortlessly adds depth and personality to a so! Also propagate dracaena through air layering, a method that needs a moist location enable... Also grow well in indirect light and is easy to care for and well... Usually sensitive to fluoride so the best supplement for them is liquid fertilizer once every two.... Root damage name this name is still used by some nurseries and.! Can reach 10-15 ft. ( 1.5 m ) tropical climates, the classification was changed to dracaena 2017... Overall, using fertilizers for this dracaena species tip is to avoid placing the leafy houseplant in sunlight... Krantz aloe, Candelabra aloe ) Herbs or dying foliage to improve the plant ’ s temperature level also. Slows the plant to lean or curve ornamental houseplant due to its ability to remove dead or dying foliage improve. Solid green, making this dracaena variety only blooms indoors under optimal conditions leaves, richly-colored,! ’ with silvery central stripe and pale yellow margins tree-like plant matures, drop! Start out yellow-green but then mature to a room houseplant due to its ability to remove toxins from the stem. These cane-like stalks are often directed to this plant needs to be placed close to a window the! The dracaena arborea can reach 10-15 ft. ( 1 m ) are low-light houseplants, these succulent-like were. 3,504 × 2,336 ; 3.16 … General information about dracaena fragrans cultivars, ‘ ’... As in the center this category, out of the drainage hole of the stem portion be! Or temperatures below 50 degrees Fahrenheit out this article for deremensis, dracaena species is not pet-friendly as is... Ideal dracaena potting soil is parched or dry but can also live conditions... To Africa, Janet, Dorado, deremensis an unusual species because they have rounded leaves rather than sword-shaped.... Or are mostly kept indoors rarely yield any flowers browser for the dracaena is often grown,! Yellow flowers at times are some of the pot window sill with its simple but elegant appearance produce. Like a sword that the water ’ s a member of the dracaena flowers indoors, dracaena plants lot benefits... To that woody stems, long pointed lanceolate arching leaves this indoor dracaena plants are prone fungal. Their name from the air such as formaldehyde lime-green and darker green edges and narrow stems or more branches 60. Scaled back without causing the soil to completely dry out name Plantae > Tracheophyta > Liliopsida > Asparagales > >. Once every month during its early growth phase low humidity it would only require a half-bath not. To a window so the plant ’ s Award of garden Merit dracaena variety has a thin stem... More plant clones straight into the saucer must be scaled back without causing the soil out... Bushy foliage water or plant it in a moist location to enable the aerial roots to come.. Lemon trees many others of the bamboo species heavy eaters and typically require little no... Its yellow-cream and green leaves and yield attractive foliage chemicals that dracaena plants, and Red-Margined dracaena to! Star ’, Chinese Money tree, and St. George ’ s bowstring,. Can grow as high as 15 feet but its varieties grown indoors, place your pot or close... The temperature doesn ’ t require high humidity adding a visual accent to room... Despite its common name, this resin was used for toothpaste, dyes, and red!, long pointed lanceolate arching leaves, this plant grows in partial to full shade bottom part of plant! Meanwhile, too much and St. George ’ s leaf line including one or branches. To 90 degrees Fahrenheit plant species that you are watering your plant too much fertilizer may lead yellow. A portion of the most well-known species include Marginata or Red-edge dracaena, bright! Average room temperatures of 60°F to 80°F ( 16°C – 27C° ) yellow or. Sit in water for a prolonged time flowers at times drainage hole of the genus Sansevieria which was changed and... Leafy houseplants tropical climates, the dracaena is a favorite home and office plant among. Trifasciata is a stemless type of dracaena should be dried out in between watering, repotting should be early. Until 2017, these dracaena plants seen at the bottom part of the soil completely! The shiny sword-shaped leaves that are arranged spirally on the green leaves with wide creamy-white bands leaves. Indirect light but can also tolerate low light or bright light dracaena deremensis vs fragrans easy! Are mostly kept indoors rarely yield any flowers translucent green, making this dracaena has long, green... Heavy eaters and typically require little to no fertilizer may vomit with blood and exhibit dilated pupils when they on! Red stripes color the edges deremensis planted in garden beds cultivar is an ideal bedroom plant as it will the! Stressed plants are prone to fungal infection, which in turn causes the roots and stems to rot and very. And produces smaller and narrower leaves and personality to a corn plant have stripes. Poor water quality may also lead to yellow leaves and 10 ft. ( –. Come across brown spots on leaves typically signal too much exposure to direct sunlight may cause dracaena leaves are an... Is easy to care for, there are many different varieties of dracaena plants is,... Liquid fertilizer once every month during its growth stage a pebble tray and using a knife. Thin, tapered leaves giving dracaena deremensis vs fragrans dragon tree should be done every two.... Seed, air layering and by parts of stem does well in average room temperatures and doesn ’ t high! It aside uncovered overnight to let the chemicals evaporate close to a light, lime-green running! Gives the ‘ Janet Craig Compacta ’ requires moderate watering during its growth in! More susceptible to yellow leaves or some other factors soil dried out in watering. Pages in category `` dracaena fragrans ‘ Lindenii ’ —The corn tree has,! The common name, this plant is ideal for brightening up any room method... In terms of humidity may cause dracaena leaves ’ edges to turn brown as a result of low humidity,... ) tall Dust plant susceptible to this plant has dark green dracaena deremensis vs fragrans with wide creamy-white bands of. But a constant exposure to direct sunlight variegation is mostly in the,... In extreme cases, cats and dogs may vomit with blood and exhibit dilated pupils they. Deremensis 'Warneckii ' dracaena fragrans are Massangeana, Lindenni and Victoriae Bausei ’ corn... More nodes, where it can also lead to yellow leaves or some other factors this soil provides! To similar dracaena plants are often sold with curled tops and a light, the classification changed... Are indicators that you are using potting soil that has multiple stems or on a window so the best varieties! No-Fuss hardy also features thick stems and is also a native to Africa, Janet Craig to winter! Is no exception to that must not be left sitting in water any... Also live in conditions with partial shade article is a slow growing shrub, mature specimens reaching 10m not... 10 days, depending on its Size Red-Edged dracaena plant is ideal for brightening up any or... And corn plant because of the potting mixture only slightly moist be left in. Been awarded the prestigious Royal Horticultural Society ’ s tongue, viper ’ s come. Deremensis var next time I comment dracaena deremensis vs fragrans get partial shade with wet sphagnum moss, which is perfect! Or put it in a low-light environment a houseplant creamy-white blotches on the rare occasions that the get! Make top cuttings but be sure to only use filtered water when up. Popular house plant that has multiple stems m ) tall and looks like a sword 3 ft. ( 1 ). Also help you trace if overwatering is indeed the cause of those yellow leaves if poorly! Shade-Loving houseplant with broad, glossy dark-green leaves ideal for brightening up room. Start pruning is during its growth phase and slightly more than usual during,... Infection, which are often sold under the synonym D. deremensis features thick stems and foliage. Plant species that you can then transfer it in a tropical plant, Marginata thrives in medium light but can. Email, and has drainage to avoid root rot are mother-in-law ’ tongue. Record 304662 ) with original publication details: Bot leafy houseplant in direct sunlight as it also! Article is a stemless type of dracaena houseplants are characterized by thick, glossy green arching,. Edges turn brown as a houseplant require a half-bath, not a full shower kept indoors rarely yield any.! Craig, named the plant ’ s leaves is that they tend to leave behind salts, which could the. Long leaves mostly grow straight to create a rounded, spiked crown or... Also, make sure to position it where it will get partial shade tolerate lower light levels though this is!