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If we were to push through with this, is it worth still visiting Venice or just spend it in Florence instead? But your plans are both very well considered so either one would be great. Europe By Rail in 25 Days: Costs & Itinerary. Bordeaux- 2 nights I can’t book Prague accommodation until I can decide on which other country to add in. Fuel is very expensive but the main problem is the parking. -Roger, Hi Roger, As for Switzerland I would avoid Zurich for the same reasons and it’s also incredibly expensive, but Interlaken and Lucerne are wonderful so you might consider visiting one or both of those instead. As for booking train tickets for Europe it’s best to book online, in advance, from the official websites of the various countries. If you wanted to also include Barcelona you’d have to fly in and fly out as well, but plane tickets within Europe are fairly cheap if you buy them long enough in advance. 4/12. Could you please provide your suggestions, so that I can plan trip by my own ? –21st, 22nd, 23rd in Prague The only thing is that I am finding that it is much cheaper to fly into one city and depart from the same city. Portugal> Fuchal (2 nights) – i will remove if the flight path is difficult London – 3 nights If you are visiting one city after another then the visit to Gimmelwald might be a nice little break in between. –Early morning Flight to Prague on 21st. Do you have any suggestions to improve this portion of the trip or any suggestions for any of it? As long as you buy your train tickets at least a month or two in advance you should be getting the cheapest fares, but for flights it’s best to book 3 or more months in advance if you can. We will be traveling for 10-14 days. Thanks so much! In fact, you’d almost certainly find trains more enjoyable and they wouldn’t cost much more if you buy your tickets at least a month or two in advance. And if you were to fly you go from Interlaken to Salzburg or Vienna by train in a reasonable time, or even Berlin in about 9 hours by train, and then fly to Warsaw from there. Krakow is another favorite of mine and it’s refreshingly cheap, but it takes quite a bit of time to get there so I think saving it for another trip is wisest. It’s unusual that you are skipping Rome, but maybe you’ve been there? Puerto Plata, 3. The key to visiting Venice is to stay on the main island (near St. Marks Square if possible) and do your sightseeing in the morning before the crowds arrive and/or the evening after the crowds are back on the cruise ships and back on the mainland. Three should be enough, but Paris is amazing and four could be better. Nurnberg isn’t very interesting, so I’d skip that as well. In March you’ll also have an easy time finding hotel rooms, even on the same day. Can you suggest the best route? First off, you might find my article on the best Europe destinations in February useful as well. (with possible day trips from Rome) I read half of the comments in this entry! Thoughts? Our current plan: Interlaken, My 22yoa daughter and I want to do a first time 2week trip to Europe in late Sept. She’s listed Ireland, London, Paris, Amsterdam and Switzerland or Belgium as her preferred destinations. Bruges and Brussels are an interesting pair. So many first-time visitors are initially planning on spending only 1 or 2 nights in major cities that I wrote a detailed explanation of why 3 nights is ideal for almost all European cities, even if you want to see as much as possible. The nightlife is great and so is the food scene. So try to arrange at least one or two tent reservations before you get there. -Roger. Las Vegas, Florence (3 nights) Aside from those comments I think your plan looks great and I’m sure you are going to have a fantastic time. I’ve yet to make it to Dachstein Glacier myself, but I’ve read about it and heard good things. Balkan road trip itinerary for 3 weeks. I hope this helps. I then have 8 days and am not sure where to go next, hoping for some suggestions! That is the classic first-time to Italy itinerary. Switzerland is amazing and my recommendation is to go to the Interlaken area for the best scenery. I’ll be in London for 10 days to visit my family and friends. That said, for a party of 6 you might want to look into Airbnbs and other apartments instead of hotels. Those are excellent cities and staying 3 nights in each will let you sample the main highlights without rushing so much. I understand why you might hesitate to bring your daughter to Amsterdam based on its reputation, but it’s not nearly as bad as you might think and as it used to be, and it’s definitely one of Europe’s most beautiful and historic cities. Let me know if you have any other questions. We’ll be coming from Singapore. In May or September it would be great. Bruges is small enough that one night is okay, although two nights is better. Porto Portugal has great food and wine (especially if you like Port). How to travel from Rome to London and from London to Paris ? 5- I love to visit Germany/berlin, can this be doable and how? Those Greek islands will have some similarities with each other so most people just choose one island, but since you’ve got 5 weeks you’ll have time to see as many as you like. One European road trip that many people don’t think about is getting up deeper into the Scottish Highlands and islands. You could either fly to Krakow, Prague, or Budapest and then take a train or bus to another one of those, or you could fly to Spain or Portugal and see 2 or 3 cities in that area. Thank you! Indonesia Even though it feels daunting and intimidating to plan something like this yourself for the first time, Europe is actually extremely easy to get around on your own. You’ve already hit the Big 3 in Italy, and I’d save southern Italy for another trip. This sounds like a really fun trip. The most efficient way of doing this would be to fly into London and then take the Eurostar train to Amsterdam (or you could fly, but the Eurostar is MUCH more interesting and enjoyable). Your best bet would probably be to save Germany for a future trip. Buy all of those plane and train tickets as soon as possible for the lowest fares. I’ll be happy to try to help. Brussels 2 You definitely don’t want to use a car to go sightseeing in Munich or Berlin, but if you are thinking about picking a car up by Munich Airport and dropping it off by Berlin Airport when you get into town, that might be fun and not much hassle. drive to Florence–1 night I’m glad you found this site and I’ll be happy to try to help. Let me know if you have any other questions. It may be a little too early to plan, but since this is my first time to Europe, just want to plan ahead and am seeking some suggestions from you to plan our itinerary. Another interesting option with excellent nature and scenery is Slovenia around Lake Bled and the karst hills. I like to visit Greece, France, Italy, Switzerland, Germany and Netherlands. What do you think? Just look for hotels with a large number of positive reviews that are in a neighborhood you like and you should be okay. Sao Paulo We will be entering in Rome and exit in Barcelona. I don’t believe the buses in Europe have sleeper seats like they do in Asia and South America, but some people do sleep on them. And the Churchill War Rooms are very cool and especially for WWII buffs, so that should be a highlight. Planning a Swiss trip in Oct 1st week for 7/8 days. I appreciate your time and advice very much, Munich to Füssen: 2 hours 4 minutes. It’s a very helpful article and I’m very glad to see that you’re helping people with their personal itineraries too. It’s also quite expensive. Can you give me some suggestions for a cost effective itinerary for this trip? drive to Rome–4 nights That takes about 4.5 hours total, which is about the same or maybe a bit faster than flying when you consider the time of going from one city center to the other. I think your trip looks great. If they sound interesting to you I think they would be fun. Paris, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague. My only major suggestion would be to substitute Berlin for Munich, which will cut the train travel times way down. Of those two I’d choose Seville. My preference is to stay on the Pest side because it’s much larger and it’s where most of the attractions are sights are located. Ah well its too much I’m considering maybe in a single trip. Let me know if you have any other questions. The one small hitch is that the only train connecting Lisbon and Madrid is an overnight train, so flying is a better choice for most people. Personally, I’m not a big fan of most of the food in Spain, at least compared to other southern European countries, but there are excellent restaurants in all the cities and you’ll no doubt find things that are delicious and interesting. Could you please help me by letting me know the best route to follow for these contries. Let me know if you have any other questions. Let me know if you have any other questions. -Roger. You might also check the Brixton neighborhood out during the day, as it’s now kind of a cutting edge place for younger people. Hope to hear from you soon! I’m 20. so I am sure I would have to make that into consideration as far as places to go. Berlin is huge and Munich is quite large as well, so a one-day visit would mean you’d have time to walk around a bit and maybe see one sight and then have dinner before heading back to your hotel to get ready to leave early the next morning. Budapest to Krakow: 9 hours 54 minutes (flying might be better). I’m glad you find this helpful. I realized I spent wayyy too long deciding on one for Paris. If you’re looking to do the same, this four week Eastern Europe itinerary is just what you need. Airfares from Vienna are also pretty steep. I’d stay 3 nights in London if you go there and you could do just 2 nights in Florence if you don’t have enough days. France, Belgium and Netherlands. I agree with your assessment of Ireland and will plan at this point to fly into London. If you had a week for Greece it might be different, but in 5 days I think it would be too hectic, and you could use those days elsewhere. While Nice is a wonderful tourist city for a look at the French Riviera, the other larger cities of Lyon and Marseilles are probably better saved for a future trip because they are light on key sights compared to many smaller towns. i am travelling to Madrid next week for business for four days. Yes, spending 3 days in Bordeaux would be great and it’s a very popular option in France. And the train ride from Venice to Rome only takes a few hours more. But I am not hoping too much into finding wonderful beaches at that time (though any beach side parties would be a great idea for me :P). Could u plz tell me how to manage the trip? I found your replies are very informative and exhaustive. Italy has what we in the tourism community call the “Big 3”, which are Rome, Florence, and Venice. You can save Spain, Austria, and Czechia for a future trip. That takes about 7.5 hours with a change in Milan. Thanks so much for your help! The summer is by no means the best time to make this road trip, because the weather is scorching hot and, like in other parts of Europe, it is also overflowing with tourists. Salzburg is really lovely and that train ride through the Alps is very scenic, but I think you’d be better off spending more time in the cities on your list already and saving that for a future trip. You might also be interested in my article on where to go in Germany. Vueling is Spain’s main low-cost airline and it’s one of the better ones, so you’d be doing well if you can find a cheap flight on that. It’s a bit cheaper there and you are still walking distance to everything. Croatia gets a lot of those kinds of visitors as well, although mostly in July and August. Nepal This looks like an epic trip. Venice, Italy 2.00 Overnight Bus Any thoughts on the same or any inputs ? If you have Irish family you might instead want to visit wherever they are from. China While researching for my upcoming trip to Europe, I found your site and have found it very informative and useful. Saint Barthélemy Let me know if you have any other questions and I’ll be happy to help more if I can. And do you also recommend buying the Global Euro Pass for travelling to these cities? Honestly, I think I understand what you mean by wanting to stay in older and more authentic places, but it’s really the most famous cities where you’ll find that. Staying there two nights. For your trip it is best to start a list with the number of nights you have for the trip. -Roger. If you can get a good deal on a car rental then it could be a fun change of pace, but you’d have a great time on trains as well, and they go pretty much everywhere you want to go anyway. Then take a train to Venice and spend about 24 hours there. Since you are from Mumbai then any of the options will feel fairly cool to you. But from Switzerland to Rome it’s that same trip to Milan and then another 4 hours or so to get to Rome. So definitely want to check out the houses of parliament and Elizabeth tower so the suggestion of checking out the walking tour sounds just right for us to see the big sights. 18 Apr – Planning to go to Rome and spend 02 days. -Roger. Let me know if you have any other questions. World-renowned Budapest. Thanks a lot! Valletta Venice is compact enough to see in 24 hours or so, but it’s not the most stroller-friendly city because of all the stairs and bridges. It’ll be pretty chilly in April, and Croatia’s best destinations are all along the coast so it’s better in warmer weather. The boats almost all dock in the heart of the city and usually there would be small buses and vans right there to take passengers on city tours. -Roger. The dollar amount for each of the 56 cities represents the typical cost per day in that city for each person based on traveling as a pair and staying in 3-star hotels. – Berlin – 4 nights, We were thinking of catching the trains around Italy/Switzerland, and possible hiring a car for Germany (pick up Munich, drop of Berlin – any thoughts if this is worth it?). )- 2 nts, train to Venice-1 nt, train to Florence – 3nts, train to Rome- 3nts. Considering we are not big ski buffs…just want to see the snow, would 2 nights be enough or should we go with 3 nights in case we want to visit nearby places in Interlaken? Me and my father have visited Paris , Barcelona, London but that was purely for work. You could also spend 4 or 5 days in Switzerland, which is also highly recommended (if a bit pricey). 3. In Switzerland and Austria you generally don’t need a seat reservation, although in some cases you might have to leave after 9:30am for that. I actually quite like those hop-on, hop-off bus tours in larger cities because you can see most highlights in a few hours, and I also like the “free” (tips-based) walking tours for the same reason. Those are your best choices in my opinion. We let the kids decide where they wanted to go and the list they came up with is a stopover of 2 nights in Iceland, Barcelona, Paris, London, and Dublin. And if you add that extra week I think 3 nights in Interlaken and 2 nights in Lucerne is an ideal first trip. If we have to miss one or two places, can you suggest the ones where we dont waste too much time in travel? Montreux is nice and it has a lovely location overlooking the lake, but I recommend spending most of your Switzerland time in Interlaken and Lucerne because the scenery is stunning and the Swiss cities aren’t as special. 15 Apr – Planning trip to Venice from Innsbruck and stay the night at Venice. My questions are – You might take a scan of my article on where to go in Germany to see if any of it sounds interesting to you. Madrid, Lisbon, Valencia, Venice, Rome. I’m sure this will be a very memorable trip and you can visit many places, even if not all of them on your list. Venice is really amazing and it’s worth a day or two even if you have to put up with a bit of unpleasantness. Hi Roger, thank you so much for the article. 7-day loop cruise including Rome, Florence, Cannes, Welcome back then. 11. it will be a pity there will be no tulips then in Holland! Trip Budget … I hope this helps. Any advice considering the above? Santorini at least has many year-round residents, but most hotels and restaurants will be closed and I wouldn’t recommend going out of season. -Roger. As long as you buy your train tickets (and flights) at least two months or so in advance, the fares will be quite reasonable. Thank you very much I would love your expert input on this. Tue Vernazza – Cinque Terre Vernazza Paris (3 nights) You should find most of what you are looking for on my article about the best Europe destinations in December. If you only stay 2 nights it means one full day of sightseeing, which really isn’t enough for most great cities. Amsterdam Guatemala If so, how do you recommend we get to Switzerland? For a first-time Europe trip the most popular way to spend the next week would be to fly to Venice and spend 1 or 2 days there and then a short train ride to Florence for 2 or 3 nights and then a short train ride to Rome for your final 3 nights. Tickets are pretty cheap if you buy them far enough in advance. One thing that can help is to take those hop-on, hop-off sightseeing buses in each city. All of Switzerland is expensive so it’s fortunate that it has so many amazing sights in a small area. I had revised to : France > Paris (2 nights) We think we can do about 10-14 days. I am planning a trip to Europe for the first time with my wife and 2 year old daughter. Hi Roger we are planning a 20 day Europe from 18th May 2019 to 7th June 2019. And if you are staying for 9 or 10 days you could also take the high-speed train from Paris to Amsterdam to stay 2 or 3 nights there. Eurail Passes are best for longer trips where you want to make plans as you go. Italy (unsurprisingly) makes a bigger deal about Easter Week, and Spain does as well, but in England and France it’s just another holiday weekend when some people are off work and the attractions are sometimes more crowded than normal. Puerto Rico One challenge for Croatia is that the trains are still quite slow. We would be looking to travel in June I know that is a high season but that is the only times we have. I see what you mean. If you can get a decent flight into Munich it would obviously be the most convenient. Here are my recommendations for places to visit in England, Wales, and Scotland on a trip like you have in mind. Welcome to Central Europe, home of Bohemia, Alps, and some truly beautiful places to explore! Munich to Rothenburg ob der Tauber: 2 hours 56 minutes -Roger. I have checked on the internet and find that most of these cities are 2, 4 or 5 hours of train journey and I plan to pre book and use EUrail. For quite a few reasons, spending 3 nights in each place is best for those who want to see as much as possible without spending literally half your holiday on trains and in train stations. Train to Florence I know August is the peak tourist season so will it be a good time to visit any of this options? Rome is also really amazing, but it’s also quite hectic and exhausting, so leaving yourself just one full day to see the top sights on your list would be enough. I haven’t been to Narbonne, France, but it looks pretty rural so parking might not be too difficult. As you mentioned multiple times, I have assigned 3 days for each major city, here is my plan –, Places Days There’s still lots of planning to do regarding carts and mobility device availability, but great memories in the making. It sounds like we are deciding between Vienna, Salzburg, and Berlin. lol Also curious about going the other direction Paris via train Innsbruck? First of all, I have to admit that this website has been very useful to me. Without further ado, here’s your ideal Europe … 5. If you have two weeks in Europe after Valencia I would try to choose 4 or 5 total cities (rather than countries), and it’s best if they are close together and can be reached by train in 5 hours or less. Looking forward to your response. It’s easy to start with London and Paris for 3 days each, so you’ve got 4 or 5 cities left. I’m leaning towards one of the first two options. -Roger. Sat and Sun Amsterdam Greetings from Rahul from Mumbai. we are thinking of christmas in budapest (2 nights), then italy for 4 nights and then spain or netherlands…really confused regd weather during that time. Except for Paris (which is half empty in August), European cities are most crowded in July and August and of course those are the hottest months as well. Venice, as mentioned, can be tricky, but as long as you book a hotel off a main walkway or square you should be okay. Let me know if you have any other questions. We are also big foodies and want to find good food (and wine). That said, I think if you did a trip with them to those 5 cities you’d realize how tourist-friendly and easy they actually are, and next time you’d probably book on your own. In 3 weeks you might even have time to add a little side trip or two. Actually, Sorrento is a really lovely town to slow down and base yourself in because it’s really nice and it’s perfectly situated for day trips to the Amalfi Coast, Isle of Capri, Pompeii, and Naples. Let me know if you have any questions. In 12 to 14 days you should be able to do 4 cities well or 5 if you rush a bit. Most of the advice says skip Cinque Terre or make it a day trip. And of course, any town that actually has a beach (as opposed to cliffs) will be packed in July and very expensive as well. Is this time sufficient to change trains as we will be having luggage with us? It’s true that many of those train rides are relatively short, though you also have to consider the amount of time from when you check out of one hotel until you check into the next hotel. I found the Lake District to be a bit of a dud as well. This article about where to go in Switzerland should explain my point pretty well. The other option that anyone would love would be to just spend your whole 7 to 10 days in Italy and save the others for your next trip. In other words, I wouldn’t go at that pace for a month, but for two weeks it should be exciting. Then you could take a train to Nice in southern France and then up to Paris, or you could go to Barcelona and then Madrid and then fly to Paris. It’s best to check each journey to see what the fares are if you book, say, 60 days out vs. if you book 2 days out. If yes, we will end up loosing 3 days. -Roger, hey ROger, thank you so much for replying, we really appreciated. I believe the only train from Lisbon to Madrid runs overnight, but there may be a daytime bus. It really depends on how long you have for the trip. My Plan is: City Stay Time of travel Mode of travel It’s just something to consider and I would take the train if I had the choice. Hi Roger, Those are my top suggestions and I hope it helps. This is a free day available for planning. Ive been reading some of your input to other travelers and was wondering if you could help me put together a good travel plan! Which one is better option? Hello! Fly into London and spend 3 or 4 nights there. The order looks great as well. I’m happy to help if you have other questions. Hopefully you’ll get the travel bug and want to explore that country more fully in the near future. My advice is to spend 3 or perhaps 4 nights in each city you visit because that allows you time to see all of your top interests and still move fast enough to see quite a few places. Obviously we would love to visit everything in Europe but that is impossible would sticking to these few cities be possible? Buy your train ticket as soon as possible for the lowest fare and most choices of departure times. June would be a pretty good month for Nice because it will be nice weather and not totally packed like it gets in July and August. Medellin, Ecuador Venice seems a little hyped up to me. This is our 1st time to Europe. Innsbruck – 2N Caracas. Kyoto, Is it possible? Vienna is kind of stodgy, but generally if you stay in the main ring you are best off. Paris to Venice flight: 1 hour 35 minutes I think the best first-time itinerary would be London for 3 days and then the Eurostar train for 3 days and then a flight to Venice for a day or two and then a train to Florence for 3 days and a train to Rome for 3 days. If you're spending 3 weeks in Europe and want to get a taste of its most famous cities in one go, this is the route for you! So you’ve got about 14 days to plan and you want to visit France, Germany, Switzerland, and possibly Italy. Another option that is quite central is Brixton, as I mentioned before. Hi Roger, Three nights would be better, but two will work. Almost no airlines even fly between those cities because the train is so much better. Vienna is pretty dull for nightlife (I like a few drinks in the evening) but it is one of the best cultural cities in the world with opera and waltzing and concerts and that sort of thing. We would love to visit Rome on our trip, but I know it is pretty far away from Paris and we need to get back to Paris to fly home.
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