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~Carl Jung, CW 12, Page 8. In my opinion it is quite hopeless to try to establish any kind of order in the … ~Carl Jung, CW 12, Para 394. Natural man is not a “self”—he is the mass and a particle in the mass, collective to such a decree that he is not even sure of his own ego. See more ideas about carl jung, carl jung quotes, psychology. When therefore Abu’l Qasim speaks of the fire as the “great south wind,” he is in agreement with the ancient Greek view that Hermes was a wind-god. For the same reason the process of sublimation is known in Arabic alchemy as the “great south wind,” referring to the heating of the retort ~Carl Jung, CW 12, Para 473, The Holy Ghost, too, is fiery and causes an exaltation. You may think that alchemy is a proto-scientific practice, something between the mystical, spiritual, and philosophical realms rooted in Hermes Trismegistus, a Greek-Egyptian deity. Thus we hear that the vas is the water or aqua permanens, which is none other than the Mercurius of the Philosophers. Language, in its origin and essence, is simply a system of signs or symbols that denote real occurrences or their echo in the human soul. Gone were the days when the psyche was still for the most part “outside the body” and imagined “those greater things” which the body could not grasp. Jung, Page 30. With a truly tragic delusion theologians fail to see that it is not a matter of proving the existence of the light, but of blind people who do not know that their eyes could see. So we are dealing here with a “uniting symbol” that expresses the bipolarity of the archetype (fig. 044), (fig. But he to whom she cannot render this service must bend very low in the imitation of Christ in order to take the burden of his cross upon him. It is the black, magically fecund earth that Adam took with him from Paradise, also called antimony and described as “black blacker than black” (nigrum nigrius nigro) Carl Jung, CW 12, Para 433, Alchemy was trying to produce a corpus subtile, a transfigured and resurrected body, i.e., a body that was at the same time spirit. This heat is the ignis gehennalis, the hell into which Christ descended m order to conquer death as part of his opus. - Carl .G. Michael Maier allows us a glimpse into this tragedy: at the end of his chef-d’oeuvre he confesses that in the course of his grand peregrinatio he found neither Mercurius nor the phoenix, but only one phoenix feather his pen! There is no way of saying this is the best way to live your life. Although he was a theoretical psychologist and a practicing clinician, he spent his life’s work on exploring other areas, such as Eastern and Western philosophy, alchemy, astrology, sociology, literature and the arts. Carl Jung and "Psychology and Alchemy" - YouTube Carl Jung: CW 12 “Psychology and Alchemy” Suffocation of the personality and an impotent Christianity that may well have received its death-wound—such is the unadorned balance-sheet of our time. It should therefore be an absolute rule to assume that every dream, and every part of a dream, is unknown at the outset, and to attempt an interpretation only after carefully taking up the context. Although he is decidedly hermaphroditic he has a masculine name a sign that the chthonic underworld, having been rejected by the spirit and identified with evil, has a tendency to compromise. We would conjecture that blue, standing for the vertical, means height and depth (the blue sky above, the blue sea below), and that any shrinkage of the vertical reduces the square to an oblong, thus producing something like an inflation of consciousness. Indeed the very intimacy of the relationship between Cod and the soul automatically precludes any devaluation of the latter. In human affairs, what appears impossible by way of the intellect has often become true by way of the irrational. ~Carl Jung, CW 12, Page 280. ~Carl Jung, CW 12, Para 166, The Church represents a higher spiritual substitute for the purely natural, or “carnal,” tie to the parents. Of course there is little or no hope that the unitary Being can ever be conceived, since our powers of thought and language permit only of antinomian statements. The English alchemist George Ripley (c. 1415-90) writes: “The Philosophers tell the inquirer that birds and fishes bring us the lapis, every man has it, it is in every place, in you, in me, in everything, in time and space. Jungian Psychology. And the photos add a nice touch. Hence one could say —cum grano salis —that history could be constructed just as easily from one’s own unconscious as from the actual texts. This always lasts as long as the methods employed seem sensible: There was nothing at that time to convince the alchemist of the senselessness of his chemical operations; what is more, he could look back on a long tradition which contained not a few testimonies of such as had achieved the marvellous result. In […], Seven Paintings and Quotations of Frida  Kahlo     I paint flowers so they will not die. Not I but God Himself deified it.” ~Carl Jung, Psychology and Alchemy, Page 14. But as long as he is unable to control his moods and emotions, or to be conscious of the myriad secret ways in which unconscious factors insinuate themselves into his arrangements and decisions, he is … As the eye to the sun, so the soul corresponds to God. There is no end to what can be learned in this field. The definition of this spherical being as “most serene God,” sheds a special light on the perfect, “round” nature of the lapis, which arises from, and constitutes, the primal sphere; hence the prima materia is often called lapis ~Carl Jung, CW 12, Para 433, The initial state is the hidden state, but by the art and the grace of God it can be transmuted into the second, manifest state. What it evidently amounted to was an attempt to bridge the gulf separating the two worlds as compensation for the open conflict between them. Dec 19, 2020 - Pain and disappointment fill the world of Abraxas with coldness, all of your life's warmth slowly sinks into the depths of your soul, into the midpoint of man, where the far blue starlight of your one God glimmers. The tree’s peculiar power to change into any animal shape is also attributed to Mercurius ~Carl Jung, CW 12 Para 538, The ass is a daemon triunus, a chthonic trinity, which is portrayed in Latin alchemy as a three-headed monster and identified with Mercurius, salt and sulphur. Later, about the fifteenth or sixteenth century, the colours were reduced to three, and the xanthosis, otherwise called the citrinitas, gradually fell into disuse or was but seldom mentioned. In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Otherwise the highest and most important achievements of mankind would ultimately be nothing but the perverted wishes of children, and the word “childish” would have lost its raison d’être ~Carl Jung, CW 12, Para 171, The symbolism of the rites of renewal, if taken seriously, points far beyond the merely archaic and infantile to man’s innate psychic disposition, which is the result and deposit of all ancestral life right down to the animal level hence the ancestor and animal symbolism. ~Carl Jung, CW 12, Para 551, Lifelong interest in Depth Psychology and the work of Carl Jung No doubt it was this association that caused the Holy Ghost to be suspected of femininity, for Mary was the dark earth of the field “illa terra virgo nondum pluviis irrigata” (the virgin soil not yet watered by the rains), as Tertullian called her ~Carl Jung, CW 12, Para 192, The fourth function is contaminated by the unconscious and, on being made conscious, drags the whole of the unconscious with it. On the other hand the very existence of a counterpart, “the Lord of this world,” betrays the polarity of God as shown in the androgynous nature of the Son in whom he is manifest ~Carl Jung, CW 12 Para 547, In another version of the devouring theme, Mars feeds the body of the King to the famished wolf (fame acerrima occupatus), the son of Saturn (lead). - Carl Gustav Jung . Carl Jung and "Psychology and Alchemy" - YouTube Carl Jung: CW 12 “Psychology and Alchemy” Suffocation of the personality and an impotent Christianity that may well have received its death-wound—such is the unadorned balance-sheet of our time. One of the most significant oppositions of the human mind is that of ‘Self’ and ‘world’. All life is bound to individual carriers who realize it, and it is simply inconceivable without them. He is compounded not only of his best intuitions, his highest ideals and aspirations, but also of the odious conditions of his existence, such as heredity and the indelible sequence of memories which shout after him: “You did it, and that’s what you are!” Man may have lost his ancient saurian’s tail, but in its stead he has a chain hanging on to his psyche which binds him to the earth—an anything but-Homeric chain of given conditions which weigh so heavy that it is better to remain bound to them, even at the risk of becoming neither a hero nor a saint. When an unconscious content is replaced by a projected image to that extent, it is cut off from all participation in and influence on the conscious mind. 074), which is of an essentially ambivalent nature ~Carl Jung, CW 12, Para 192, The Christian deity is one in three persons. It is a remarkable fact, which we come across again and again, that absolutely everybody, even the most unqualified layman, thinks he knows all about psychology as though the psyche were something that enjoyed the most universal understanding. For how he could remain ordinary in the face of such suffering! ~Carl Jung, Conversations with C.G. In actual fact, however, the ideal has been turned by superficial and formalistically-minded believers into an external object of worship, and it is precisely this veneration for the object that prevents it from reaching down into the depths of the psyche and giving the latter a wholeness in keeping with the ideal. ~Carl Jung, CW 12, Para 93, Hermes is associated with the idea of roundness and also of squareness, as can be seen particularly in Papyrus V (line 401) of the Papyri Graecae Magicae, where he is named “round and square.” He is also called, “quadrangular.” He is in general connected with the number four; hence there is a “four-headed Hermes.” These attributes were known also in the Middle Ages, as the work of Cartari. ~Carl Jung, CW 12, Para 37, If the theologian really believes in the almighty power of God on the one hand and in the validity of dogma on the other, why then does he not trust God to speak in the soul. We are moving here in those psychological regions where, as a matter of fact, the Gnosis is rooted. Today is the child of the Middle Ages and it cannot disown its parents ~Carl Jung, CW 12, Para 432, The prima materia has the quality of ubiquity: it can be found always and everywhere, which is to say that projection can be made always and everywhere. The Christian projection differs from all these manifestations of the mystery of redemption and transformation by reason of the historical and personal figure of Jesus. These two aspects must never be separated through arrogance or cowardice. What he sees in matter, or thinks he can see, is chiefly the data of his own unconscious which he is projecting into it. Therefore, what comes out of the transformation is not Christ but an ineffable material being named the “stone,” which displays the most paradoxical qualities apart from possessing corpus, anima, spiritus, and supernatural powers. The paradoxical qualities of the term are in keeping with the fact that wholeness consists partly of the conscious man and partly of the unconscious man. ~Carl Jung, CW 12, Para 23. The mystical effect of the God-man’s self-sacrifice extends, broadly speaking, to all men, though it is efficacious only for those who submit through faith or are chosen by divine grace; but in the Pauline acceptance it acts as an apocatastasis and extends also to non-human creation in general, which, in its imperfect state, awaits redemption like the merely natural man ~Carl Jung, CW 12, Para 415, By a certain “synchronism” of events, man, the bearer of a soul submerged in the world of flesh, is potentially related to God at the moment when He, as Mary’s Son, enters into her, the Virgo terrae and representative of matter in its highest form; and, potentially at least, man is fully redeemed at the moment when the eternal Son of God returns again to the Father after undergoing the sacrificial death. I am not speaking of a secret personally guarded by someone, with a content known to its possessor, but of a mystery, a matter or circumstance which is “secret,” i.e., known only through vague hints but essentially unknown. Consequently the Gnostic quadripartite original man (fig. ~Carl Jung, CW 12 Para 314, There is, however, one thing more to be asked: “Three there are but where is the fourth?” Why is blue missing?
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