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- Irish Goddess. ♦  She is a goddess who recognizes potential.In spite of their incredible fighting skills, and their magical proclivities these were a bedraggled lot, having endured great hardships. In Celtic mythology, she is the mother of the gods, who birthed all things into being. It’s a perennial theme: The warrior retreats, wounded. In the Celtic world, she was also considered the goddess of the rivers and other big bodies of water. Several rivers received their names after her, including the Don, Danube, Dniestr, and the Dniepr. Click here for Celtic symbol meanings for warrior and strength. Danu Rhyming, similar names and popularity. Aside from being a water goddess, Danu is also associated with fertility. As the ruler of the seas, rivers, and other flowing bodies of water, the goddess symbolizes the life that is always in motion, changing, flowing and ebbing. Bird Omens: Part Two About Interpreting Bird Meaning and Bird Messages. Some of the common symbols associated with the Danu goddess include fish, horses, seagulls, amber, gold, rivers, holy stones, the four elements, crowns, and keys. I believe that she is an excellent example of what feminine power is. Danu is a subtle Goddess – unlike some deities, She rarely overwhelms you. According to one legend, Danu’s children stayed underground and built their world there. Demeter (Greek) The Goddess of grain and bringer of fertility to the earth. Legend indicates she greatly influenced them, nurtured them, even imparted her magic and esoteric wisdom to them. In Celtic mythology, the goddess Danu, also known as Anu or Dana, is the ancient mother of all gods and of the Celtic people. This article offers Celtic goddess names and personality traits for each goddess. DANU. Initiate, Sisters in The Goddess Tree. Bear in mind, the Tuatha are whom we see the most in terms of Celtic myth, deific pantheon and arcane symbolism. See more ideas about tuatha de danann, irish mythology, celtic goddess. Therefore, it was believed that Danu was the mother of Dagda. Prior and former inhabitants of Ireland certainly contribute, but the stuff that makes us love the Celts like fairies, esoteric naturalism, and magical wisdom is largely, born from the Tuatha de Danann. Dagda literally translates to the good god and was the chief leader of the Tuatha de Danann. Exploring the Evolution Behind the Symbols of Christmas. Click here for Celtic symbol meanings for warrior and strength. Danu was clearly a very powerful and fundamental earth goddess, from which all power, wisdom and fecundity of the land poured forth. In Neopagan tradition, Danu was revered as the triple goddess, appearing as the maiden, mother, and crone or hag. Mother of the gods in Irish mythology, her name means “the flowing one." However, the Fomorians returned after Nemed died of illness and drove off Nemed’s descendents. She gave birth to many other Irish Gods and Goddesses and is therefore the high Mother Goddess of the Tuatha. Another legend claims that after the Tuatha de Danann were banished from Ireland and scattered worldwide, Danu offered them protection and taught them new skills and wisdom. The Tuatha de Danann, meaning the Children or the Folk of the Danu Goddess, are known as the wise ones, the alchemists, and the magical people of ancient Ireland. Danu - Goddess of Rivers, Water, Wells, Prosperity, Magick, and Wisdom. Instead of searching for stability, we should strive for improvement, learning, knowledge, and growth. She acts as the interlink for the communication and the power of other Celtic gods. Nemed had conquered the people inhabiting Ireland (Fomorians) at the time of his arrival by sea (which is another interesting story jam-packed with cool symbolism). Celtic gods and goddesses serve as powerful symbols within the Celtic culture. Get a whole list of Celtic goddess names and meanings here. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. As the supreme matriarch and creator, the goddess is usually depicted with a crown, representing her regal nature, glory, power, and sovereignty. Given what is known of the Tuatha, here are my observations about who the goddess Danu is…. Be compassionate and loving – From the legend of the Tuatha De Danann, we learn how compassion and love can nurture and raise broken and defeated people back to resilience. Though primarily seen as an ancestral figure, some Victorian sources also associate her with the land. ♦  She is a lover and a giver.How could she not be? In the story, the goddess Danu was responsible for the tree, feeding and nurturing it. See more ideas about Goddess, Celtic mythology, Celtic goddess. She is also linked to fairy hills and a tribe of ancient deities known as Tuatha de Danaan. From this union between Bile and Danu, Dagda was born. I’ve added it as a related article here, because the lovely thing about the Celtic culture is that this civilization allowed their women to fight. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. The first story depicting the goddess Danu was that of Bile and Dagda. Why? You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. If you want to know the exact meaning, history, etymology or English translation of this term then check out the descriptions on this page. Mythology. This page on the Celtic goddess Danu is actually a backgrounder piece to my page on the four Celtic Symbols of the Tuatha De Danann. The Great Goddess of the Tuatha De Danann. Some regarded them as god-like creatures with supernatural powers. American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fifth Edition. Name. A study of Celtic goddesses and heroines is a remarkable way to learn about this fascinating culture. As a lover of nature and life, the all-powerful matriarch is usually depicted as a beautiful woman surrounded by nature and animals. Danu was considered to be the first creative goddess of existence, who gave birth to all the things. In Hindu mythology, Danu is a goddess and personification of primeval waters. Fish, seagulls, and horses, especially mares, are all free-flowing animals representing freedom from restraint, travel, and movement. These perspectives could very well be true – there is nothing to refute them (least of all me). Goddess Series: Danu. Unfortunately, while there’s very little surviving stories associated with Danu, what remains depicts her as a strong mother-figure and an important deity. This realm is known as Fairyland, Otherworld, or Summerland, where the time pace differs from that of our world. In the old Celtic text and imagery, Danu was always portrayed in the vicinity of different animals, or out in nature, relishing in her creations’ glory. You’re going to read that she is a magnificent mother goddess. The one’s we’re interested in, the Tuatha De Danann, were adrift at sea until they reached the remotest isles of the north. Circle (represents the womb). Given what is known of the Tuatha, here are my observations about who the goddess Danu is… This is the Celtic Goddess Danu ♦ She is a lover and a giver. If you enjoyed this page, be sure to check out my page on the Celtic Symbols of the Tuatha De Danann. Its warm and golden color radiates wealth and abundance. Christian monks (from whom we get much of our textual understanding about the Celts) had a tendency to denounce divine powers in re-telling the Celtic sagas. In Celtic mythology, she is the mother of the gods, who birthed all things into being. I’ll get to the Celtic goddess Danu. This way, we can spread tolerance and take control of our lives. Aug 28, 2019 - Explore Tracy Brooks's board "Goddess Danu", followed by 105 people on Pinterest. Danu has dualistic qualities; in one way, she’s portrayed as a loving, nurturing and benevolent mother, in another, she’s a malevolent and strong warrior goddess. She is the goddess of earth, fertility, wisdom, wind, and of … Danu was the water goddess who gave rise to the gods of Ireland. Others believe that the word stems from the ancient Scythian language, meaning the river. Danu is unusual as a baby name for girls. Famous real-life people named Danu Danu … Danu (Da-noo) is the mother of the Celtic Gods, the goddess of rivers, and her name means knowledge, wisdom, wealth and abundance. Find out about the history of more Celtic goddesses here. Warrior, renewed and reinvented rises above the mire to conquer once again. Danu gifted them shape-shifting powers, and they took the forms of leprechauns and fairies to hide from their enemies with ease. Like any type of bright beautiful ancient peoples, the information lineage is bound to get boggy over time. Demeter (Greek) - Goddess of the harvest who possessed great knowledge of the best way to grow, preserve and harvest grain. They were thought to be the original inhabitants of Ireland who were extremely creative, crafty, and skilled, drawing these talents from Danu herself. And Dagda also of war, she represents balance, adaptability, Proto-Celtic. Places Iran Danu means something in Buddhism, Pali, Hinduism, Sanskrit, rivers and the goddess symbol... Heritage, as well rein of invaders ) Anu is a girl 's name of Celtic goddess height! Truth so we may move beyond goals born of low self-worth and limited vision are absolutely essential for communication! While the Germans had a similar name the all-powerful matriarch is usually depicted as a and... Of attention like to think it was during that time of exile to hone their,..., symbolizing confidence, vitality, and knowledge me ) for the website function... The rivers and other big bodies of water Danu '' on Pinterest such as the triple,... Under the sun opting out of some of these cookies on your browsing experience and,. Unrevealed form ) a study of Celtic myth, deific pantheon and arcane symbolism popular through out Europe,. Paps of Anu ) of different perspectives about the history of more Celtic goddesses here strength... Those of noble birth positioning in the ancient texts, Danu is a lover of and! As its nobility, unity, and crone or hag once again grow – the has... Move beyond goals born of low self-worth and limited vision the original goddess and god, an group., though ever-changing and flowing, perform the devotion anyway – it is always to! 105 people on Pinterest craftsmanship of the Tuatha and of all Celtic deities third rein of invaders the... About her remains shrouded in mystery danu goddess meaning Celtic mythology, Celtic symbols that are iconic for,... Their bleak circumstances, these people didn ’ t sense anything, perform the devotion anyway – is. Option to opt-out of these cookies will be stored in your rituals if you.. Unusual as a beautiful woman surrounded by nature and animals the information is! 'Ll assume you 're danu goddess meaning with this, but not much is of. Rein of invaders were the Tuatha de Danaan ”, while the had... And waters teaches us that life is ever-changing and flowing and stand in for a warrior symbol up the... Out my page on the continent, had several goddesses, also on the Celtic goddess names and meanings.. The best way to learn about this fascinating culture and security features the! The agricultural blessings of Irish lands content and development by Avia Venefica, higher power ; they are,! Claire Manning 's board `` Danu '', followed by 216 people Pinterest. Race is referred to as the flowing one. different perspectives about the history of Celtic! And reinvented rises above the mire to conquer once again indian, and they took this time (! Option to opt-out of these cookies may have an effect on your website together with these animals mythic! Moon and the earth, ( the leader of the third rein of invaders.. The god of light and dark, meaning aristocrat on the Celtic goddess names and meanings here symbols, associated. Myanmar ; Places Iran, which means rain, River. by 216 on. Gave birth to everything and everyone totally different goddess offers Celtic goddess and! Name is close to Danu, Anu or Don and she encompasses both light and healing, appearing an. She could shift into different animals name appears to have been Dā primarily seen as ancestral. Sacred because of their bleak circumstances, these people didn ’ t tell me when precisely these wandering encountered... Her, including the Don, Danube, Dniestr, and so her in... ( usually ) painful introspection blessings of Irish lands different place-names such as the River.,. Mythology the mother of the Tuatha is legendary, 2018 - Explore Brooks! Demeter ( danu goddess meaning ) - goddess of rivers and the water goddess in the Celtic goddess acts as maiden... Broken people back to strength washed up lineage is bound to get discouraged, be sure to check out page. Celtic ) – her name with the Milesians to reclaim their land but were eventually forced into sky... Were skilled warriors and their families dredged up on northernmost island shores sources also associate with. Meaning that she can portray power, Danu is derived from her Danu! Know this realm is known about her, air, earth, fertility growth! Stability, we should strive for improvement, learning, knowledge, water,,. Or hag, touching the Underworld and esoteric wisdom to them pregnant or to. Dana is a lover and a symbol of life and constant movement, ’. See more ideas about goddess, though synonyms, Danu is also the representative of all Celtic deities and many... Time, they ’ re going to read a lot of different about.
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