how does political instability contribute to human trafficking

Human trafficking can involve women, men, and children. Despite this, the International Covenant on Civil and Political rights recognises that human rights protection may be limited in times of public emergency. Although trafficking in human beings is not a new problem, it appears to have expanded in many parts of the world and assumed an increasingly global char-acter. There are many factors that lead to human trafficking, a form of modern-day slavery that exists in the 21st century.Today, an estimated 24.9 million people worldwide are still forced into a world of captivity. in search of better conditions: poverty, oppression, lack of human rights, lack of social or economic opportunity, dangers from conflict or instability and similar conditions. Today, some label human trafficking as a form of "modern day slavery," and frequently, human trafficking has been linked to sex work and prostitution, although there are other forms of trafficking, such as forced labor and domestic work. As such, the United States and the international community have committed to combating the various manifestations of human trafficking. Trafficking in persons (TIP), or human trafficking, is both an international and a domestic crime that is often also associated with violations of labor, public health, and human rights standards. Human trafficking is the fastest-growing criminal industry in the world, second in size only to drug trafficking. #1. 3. The destabilization and scattering of populations increase their vulnerability to unfair treatment and abuse via trafficking and forced labor. The causes of human trafficking are complex . Political conditions. While many may be under the impression that human trafficking is driven by poverty, there are in fact many factors at play. Political instability does not mean that human rights should be violated. Against this backdrop, a number of questions can be considered, for instance in the following areas: 1. Human trafficking is a multi-million pound business, fed by political and economic instability Bawso In some cases, people are taken from their … War In recent years, the problem has attracted growing international atten-tion.Trafficking in human beings is to a large extent a symptom of relative and absolute poverty. companies and others – may also contribute to human trafficking. 2. 2 Traffickers generate $150 billion per year, according to the International Labor Organization. According to the United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime (UNODC), factors that lead to human trafficking consist of three core elements: action, means and purpose. Political instability, militarism, generalized violence or civil unrest can result in an increase in trafficking as well. $99 billion of that is generated through sex trafficking alone, while the other $51 billion is generated through labor trafficking. There should be no excuse for the violation of rights. Bales identifies some common causes, such as economic pressures, political instability and corruption, natural disasters, the greed of human traffickers, as well as social and cultural factors. Patterns of corruption - Though an exhaustive list of all corrupt actions that Political instability, militarism, civil unrest, internal armed conflict and natural disasters may result in an increase in trafficking. Things like a lack of education, government corruption, political instability, war, and a lack of human rights protections all contribute.
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